Recycling Know No’s, and Some of the Why’s ~ A Special Post for Earth Day, 2019


By Gene Kalb and Ed McGrath

Ed McGrath and I started this column a while ago to help educate and explain some of the changes that are happening in the recycling world.  We attempt to take those changes and make them relevant to what happens here in Bedford.   I came across this piece on CBS News that gives some of the bigger background as to the Why’s.

The report mentions the term Wishcycling; it’s a great term.  I know I’m guilty wishing things were different in terms of what can be recycled.  We all try to do the right thing, but putting the wrong things in the bin is more than wishful thinking, it’s actually detrimental.

What can be done ?   This is another part of the piece that has some suggestions on what to do.  The most important thing to do is to think ahead.  As long as we’re making up terms, call it preemptive recycling.   Think before you buy.

As noted in the last Know-No, Massachusetts has a new tool to help decide what can be recycled and what to put in the trash.    I know I have made a lot of assumptions, wishful thinking, in the past.    We are starting a new “Item of the Week,” based on what I see other people do, and on some of my incorrect wishful thinking.    But don’t wait for me to highlight something, check it out now.

Recylopedia ~ Entry of the Week: What should you do with black plastic take out trays?

Recyclopedia says to  put the black tray in the trash then rinse the clear lid and put it in your recycle bin.

To enter your own query, click this link to visit the Recycle Smart website at

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