While the new recycling carts are larger than the trash carts in current use, in actual fact they are not all that much larger or harder to move. In an experiment in the lobby of Town Hall, the current grey bins and the new carts are the same depth when pushed against a wall.

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New Cart Delivery Begins on Monday, June 24

In an experiment in the lobby of Town Hall, the current grey bins and the new carts are the same depth when pushed against a wall.

Bedford’s new 64-gallon carts for the Town’s automated recycling initiative will be delivered to residents beginning on Monday, June 24, according to Bedford’s Recycling Coordinator Ed McGrath.

The DPW will gather data  in the next 2-3 months then decide what adjustments need to be made to the recycling program.

For residents who will be away on June 24

Unless residents notify the DPW otherwise, delivery of the new carts to each household will begin on Monday, June 24.

If you will be away and need to delay delivery of your recycle cart, please email Ed McGrath emcgrath@bedfordma.gov before 5 pm on Thursday, June 20.

What can go into the new carts?

While there is a lot of information about what can go into the new recycling carts, it’s time to keep it simple to assure that Bedford’s recycling makes it through the processing plant when automated pick-up goes into effect on Monday, July 1.

Bedford’s single stream recycling is restricted to PAPER, CARDBOARD, and CONTAINERS made of metal, glass, or plastic. A further constraint is size: Anything smaller than 2×2 inches (think pill bottles) will slip through the machinery.

Paper and Cardboard
Empty & flatten cardboard boxes

  • Magazines, Catalogs, Office Paper, Newspaper, Paperboard (e.g. Cereal Boxes, Tissue Boxes), Mail, Phone Books, and Pizza Boxes (no pizza or wrappers

Empty and rinse all containers

  • Aluminum; steel & tin cans; glass bottles & jars; plastic milk jugs, detergent and shampoo bottles

Unacceptable Materials
These items should go in your regular trash cart

  • Garbage / Food / Liquids ~ empty and rinse all containers\
  • Plastic Bags or Plastic Wrap ~ return to retail!
  • Clothing or Linens ~ use donation programs or collection boxes
  • Tanglers ~ no hoses, wires, or wire hangers, chains, or electronics

Click this link to view/download/print Bedford’s Curbside Recycling Chart


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