Picking Up the PACE ~ Bedford Police Expands its Bicycle and Golf Cart Patrol Initiative

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Submitted on behalf of the Bedford Police Department

Chief Robert Bongiorno is pleased to announce that the Bedford Police Department’s Quality of Life patrol program will return for the summer season this weekend.

The Quality of Life Patrol program is an extension of the department’s Pro-Active Community Enforcement (PACE) patrol program over the holiday season, which schedules officers to patrol shopping centers on foot.

Through the Quality of Life patrol program, officers are available by foot, bicycle and golf cart to enforce drug and alcohol laws, trespassing, and other nuisance offenses. The program also allows officers to build their connections with the community through in-person interactions.

Areas to be patrolled this summer season through the Quality of Life patrol program include the bike path from South Road to the Lexington town line, the railroad bed from South Road to the Concord town line, the bike path from Loomis Street to the Billerica town line, Bedford Marketplace and the Great Road Shopping Center. Police will also patrol other areas accessible by bicycle, and also have a presence at community events.

This is the third summer the Bedford Police Department has operated the Quality of Life patrol program, and this season the program will grow to include additional patrols. The program is also being extended to run longer than in prior years, with the patrols scheduled to continue through Labor Day.

“Our goal with these patrols is to allow our officers to partake in face-to-face interactions with our residents and visitors, and to dissuade and end illegal and nuisance activity in these areas,” Chief Bongiorno said. “Everyone should be able to enjoy our bike paths, go shopping and partake in recreational opportunities in Bedford without these annoyances.”

The patrols will be scheduled for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, when these areas are most highly trafficked.

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