Special Delivery: Recycle Carts!


Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

This young man has been excited about this day since it was first announced back in March/April. He is obsessed with garbage and recycling trucks and the bins. This was the highlight of his week! Image (c) Sonal Patel, 2019 all rights reserved

A slow-moving truck and trailer are creeping along local streets this week, delivering Bedford’s new recycling carts to each residence.

The bins are stacked in the trailer without axles or wheels; each is pulled out and the rolling gear is affixed. When it is dropped off the trailer, another worker armed with a hand-held computer reads the cart’s barcode and assigns it to the proper address.

Automated recycling collection begins on Monday, July 1.

If you have questions about what to recycle, visit Recyclopedia. Check the search bar to research specific items.


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