A Successful Summer Season for the Wedgewood Dive Team

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The Wedgewood Dive Team had an outstanding season – Image (c) 2019 all rights reserved

Submitted on behalf of the Wedgewood Dive Team

The Wedgewood Dive team lead by coaches Sarah Pekar and senior diver Caitlin Pequeno had a successful dive season with team members dominating the Colonial League with many top finishes.  The veteran divers Caitlin Pequeno and Bella Seldon were role models for the younger team members. Both were fierce competitors this season.  Some seasoned youngsters such as Taelor Nichols, Sophia Demeo, Willow McGinness, Rylee Gilmartin, Chelsea Busch, Haley Busch, Delaney Bertos, Adam Driscoll, Evie Walton, and Margaree Hybl were back on the board this season with great results. Younger team members and newcomers Rylan Nichols, Timmy Carroll, Kyra Doherty, Justin Mark, Robin Tate, Grace Venuti, and Skye Hybl had great showings.

The July 13th dual meet against Wayland took place at Wedgewood.  Bella Seldon placed 2nd for 17 and under (195.70); Taelor Nichols placed 1st (156.10), and Margaree Hybl placed 2nd (129.70) for 14 and under; Sophia Demeo placed 1st  (104.80), and Rylan Nichols placed 3rd (91.40) for 12 and under. Willow McGinness placed 1st (75.20), Timmy Carroll 2nd (65.20) and third went to Skye Hybl (63.30)  for 10 and under.

The All-Star dive meet on July 15th comprised the top-scoring divers from the Colonial League and showcased Wedgewood’s best divers with great placements. In the 17 and under age group, Bella Seldon took 2nd place (195.7), and Adam Driscoll took 5th place (106.7). In the 14 and under age group, Margaree Hybl took 1st place (125.35). In the 12 and under age group, Taelor Nichols took 1st place (114.85), and Rylan Nichols took 4th place (80.6). In the 10 and under age group, Sophia Demeo took 1st place (81.25), and Timmy Carroll took 4th place (60.2).

On the July 20th dual swim and dive meet against Heritage, Wedgewood divers continued to dominate with Bella Seldon placing 1st for 17 and under (184.95); Margaree Hybl taking 2nd for 14 and under (139.575); Taelor Nichols placing 1st (115.13), Sophia Demeo took 2nd (104.4), and Rylan Nichols placing 4th (83) for the 12 and under;  Willow placing 1st (76.05), Rylee Gilmartin 2nd (67.725) and Skye Hybl placing 4th (62.85) for the 10 and under. On the July 22nd all dive meet at Wedgwood Bella Seldon placed 1st for 17 and under (216.45); Sophia Demeo placed 3rd (129.05) in the 14 and under; Rylan Nichols placed 3rd (88.5) for the 12 and under; Delaney Bertos placed 4th (63.2) Evie Walton placed 6th (62.15), and Timmy Carroll placed 6th (58.2) for the 10 and under.

On the July 27th dual/swim and dive meet against Westford assistant dive coach and senior dive Caitlin Pequeno placed 2nd (185.55) for 17 and under; Bella Seldon placed 1st (135.6), Taelor Nichols placed 2nd (119.925), and Margaree Hybl placed 4th (110.85) for 14 and under; Sophia Demeo placed 1st (84.6), Willow McGinness placed 2nd (84.3), and Rylan Nichols placed 5th (78.9) for the 12 and under; Skye Hybl took 1st (59.25),  Timmy Carroll placed 2nd (56.55) and Rylee Gilmartin placed 3rd (54.375) for the 10 and under.

Finally, the 2019 summer season concluded with the Dive Championships on Monday, July 29th.  Wedgewood swept with first-place finishes for the girls’ age groups! 10 and under results include: Sophia Demeo came in 1st place, Willow McGinness – 2nd place, Timmy Carroll – 5th place, Rylee Gilmartin – 3rd place, Chelsea Busch – 4th place. For the 12 and under results Taelor Nichols – 1st place – 109.75 score, Kyra Doherty – 7th place, Rylan Nichols – 5th place, Haley Busch  12th. For the 14 and under group Bella Seldon came in 1st place with a score of 163.50 and for the  17 and under group Caitlin Pequeno placed 1st with a score of 190.9 and Adam Driscoll came in 5th place.


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