Doug Muder Leaps On To Board of Directors of The Bedford Citizen

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By Ginni Spencer

The Citizen’s new board member Doug Muder at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo – Courtesy image (c) all rights reserved

The Bedford Citizen is pleased to announce the recent election of resident Doug Muder to its Board of Directors.  The election took place at The Citizen’s Annual Meeting in June.

As might be suggested from the whimsical photograph of himself Doug submitted for this article (“For some reason I always think I look most like myself in silly photos”), Doug has enjoyed a varied and interesting professional life.  His first career was as a mathematician.  He earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Chicago in 1984 and worked on the Mathematical Research Project at MITRE from 1984 to 1994.  In a subsequent career move he collaborated with several other authors to produce books for users of computer software including VRML for Dummies and The Internet: The Complete Reference.

Currently, Doug is a writer and speaker on politics and religion.  He is a contributing editor to UUWorld magazine.  The Weekly Sift is Doug’s signature blog and has over 5000 subscribers.  His work has also appeared in publications such as Public Eye and The Humanist.

Doug’s interest in journalism goes back to his high school years when he was editor of the student newspaper at Quincy Senior High in Illinois.  He also worked in the newsroom of The Quincy Herald Whig.  More recently he has served on the Board of Advisors for The Banyan Project, focusing on model and software support for local news cooperatives.

The Citizen extends a warm welcome to Doug and looks forward to his participation on the Board of Directors.  Maybe you share a similar interest in journalism or local affairs…if interested in working with The Citizen as a board member, contact Ginni Spencer at for more information.