Wedgewood Stayed Cool in the Pool vs Heritage


Submitted on behalf of the Wedgewood Swim and Tennis Club

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On Saturday, July 20, Heritage Pool and Racquet Club of Concord hosted the Wedgewood Swim and Tennis Club of Bedford for a swim meet.  It was an incredible morning for these young swimmers and their parents as the temperature neared 100 degrees!

While finishing fast is always a great goal, and competing is fun, it is the teamwork and camaraderie that makes this team so successful.   That success is more than fast finishes.   To highlight this, please meet Fiona Reid.  Fiona is one of our 5-year-old swimmers who had an amazing race – the 12-yard freestyle, finishing in 42.29 seconds.   Fiona has neurofibromatosis and had back surgery earlier this spring.    Her parents weren’t sure she’d be able to do swim team this summer, but Fiona insisted.    She said she loves her coaches so much that she has to be healthy enough to swim.  Coach Justin says simply, “Fiona, you CAN DO IT!” and always gives her a high give.  Her catcher, Coach Julia, told her she could do it all by herself and swim team makes her feel proud and strong.    Fiona is not allowed to participate in contact sports, and she loves feeling part of such a supportive team.    Thank you Fiona for showing everyone what a team is all about!!!

The 6 and under age group had a strong showing.   For the boys, Luke Brady placed 1st and Justin Mark 3rd in both the 12-yard backstroke and 12-yard freestyle.  Oskar Muelhoefer placed a strong 4th in the backstroke.  For the girls, Mika Cieplinski placed 1st in backstroke and 2nd in freestyle, and Megan Campbell placed 4th in both events.

In the 8 and under age group, for 25-yard butterfly top finishes were to Grace Venuti (3rd place), and Zach Hallet (4th place).    For 25 yard breaststroke, Grace Venuti and Brielle Carmen placed 2nd and 3rd respectively for the girls, and Henrik Muelhoefer, Ben Campbell, and Adam Silver swept the top 3 spots.    In 25 yard freestyle for the boys, Zach Hallet and Ben Campbell took home 3rd, and 4th place finishes and Mary Siciliano took 4th for the girls. In 25 yard backstroke, Wedgwood girls swept the top with Abbey Miller, Ainsley Reid, Mary Siciliano and Ella Dadah finishing 1st – 4th.    The boys had Will Brady (3rd) and Adam Silver (4th) in the backstroke.

In the 10 and under age group, Teresa Silver earned 2nd place with 25-yard butterfly, and Sanders Bertos took 4th for the boys.   For 50 yard backstroke, Delaney Bertos and Sophia Demeo took 2nd and 3rd place.   For 50 yard freestyle, Claire Wirth finished 3rd for the girls, and Stephen Wheaton placed 3rd for the boys.    In the 25 yard backstroke, Claire Wirth finished 2nd for the girls, and Gabe Favalora was 4th for the boys.   In the 100 yd IM, Delaney Bertos finished 1st, and Teresa Silver took 4th for the girls.  William Siciliano took 3rd for the boys, and Owen Brough took 4th.

In the 12 and under age group, the girls took home 3rd and 4th place in the 50-yard butterfly with strong finishes by Katie Dillon and Taelor Nichols while the boys took 1st and 3rd thanks to Charles Demeo and Charlie Siciliano.   In the 50 yard breaststroke, Grace Weisz finished 4th for the girls and Charles Demeo, and Boden Spirn took 1st, and 2nd place finishes for the boys.   In the 50-yard freestyle, McKenna Wilson took 3rd place for the girls, and Matthew Tonini, Zachary Wirth, and Charlie Siciliano swept the top 3 spots for the boys.   For the 50 yard backstroke, Emma Laccia took 3rd place for the girls and Matthew Tonini, Alex Brough, and Logan McGinness took 2nd-4th for the boys.  In the 100 yard IM, Grace Weisz, Katie Dillon, and Liliana Carmen took 2nd to 4th  for the girls, and Boden Spirn and Zachary Wirth took 1st and 3rd.

For the 14 and under age group, Sophie Huntington and Sally MacPhee took 2nd, and 3rd in the 50-yard butterfly for the girls and Matsen Spirn took 2nd for the boys.  In the 50 yard breaststroke, Sophie Huntington and Sarah Tonini took home 2nd, and 4th place finishes for the girls and Matsen Spirn had a strong 1st place finish for the boys.   In the 50 yard freestyle, Sally McPhee took 4th for the girls and Sebastian Woolnough and Kenny Doucet took 3rd and 4th for the boys.   In the 50 yard backstroke, Charlotte Weber and Sarah Tonini took 2nd, and 4th for the girls and Kenny Doucet took 3rd place for the boys.   For the 100 yard IM, Sebastian Woolnough took 3rd for the boys, and Charlotte Weber and Ann Girifalco took 2nd and 4th for the girls.

For the 17 and under age group, Julia Palazzo had a very strong 1st place for the girls 50-yard butterfly, and Maxwell Weisz took 1st for the boys.   For the 50 yard breaststroke, Sarah Wirth took 3rd place for the girls, and Chris Wirth took 1st place for the boys.   In the 100-yard freestyle, Lily Nemirovsky took 2nd place for the girls, and Maxwell Weisz and Sean Doucet took 1st and 2nd for the boys.   For the 50 yard backstroke, Madeleine Woolnough took 3rd place for the girls.   For the 100 yard IM, Lily Nemirovsky and Ashley took 1st and 4th for the girls, and Chris Wirth and Sean Doucet took 2nd and 4th for the boys.

Wedgewood had strong showings in the medley relays as well.  In the 100 yard Medley grade relay, 2nd place finish went to the team that included Charlotte Weber, Julia Palazzo, Delaney Bertos, and Katie Dillon for the girls.   For the boys, 2nd place went to the team with Gabe Favalora, Matsen Spirn, Boden Spirn, and Sean Doucet.   3rd place went to Sanders Bertos, Sebastian Woolnough, Maxwell Weisz, and Charlie Siciliano.    For the 200-yard freestyle grad relay, 3rd place went to the girl’s team consisting of Grace Venuti, Teresa Silver, Grace Weisz, and Sofie Huntington.   4th place went to Brielle Carman, Jocelyn Bullard, Liliana Carman, and Sally MacPhee.   For the boys, 2nd place was earned by the team of Zachary Hallet, William Siciliano, Matthew Tonini, and Kenny Doucet.  4th place went to Henrik Muelhoefer, Kieran Heid, Charles Demeo, and Zachary Wirth.





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