Climate Strike ~ Boston on Friday, September 20

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The youth of the world have set out a challenge and expectation for the adults of the world: make bold changes to save our planet from destructive climate change.

As humans, we affirm our responsibility for Earth and the web of life, in trust for this and future generations, and our responsibility to work for justice in our communities and in our world.

Burning fossil fuels disrupts the climate system of the earth, and these disruptions are having particularly large and immediate impacts on populations that are poor and are among the least responsible for the root causes of the problems. This is inherently unjust.

A strike conveys a message that we need to start doing things differently. A strike is about changing the ordinary activities in business, government, education, and our own lives.

Ordinary is boring … It’s time to do things we otherwise would not do. For those who care about the world our children inherit and who care about justice, we shouldn’t be asking ourselves whether or not we are going to participate, but how we are going to participate.

We, the youth, are calling on adults and any others to join us in a climate strike on September 20th at City Hall Plaza in Boston. So please join us!

Thank you!