Youth Climate Strike ~ Boston, September 20, 2019

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Olivia Evans (c) 2019, all rights reserved - Click to view larger image

Thousands gathered on City Hall Plaza for Friday’s Climate Strike


Courtesy image (c) 2019 all rights reserved, click to view larger image

Repping Bedford: Olivia Evans, Sam Lincoln, and Nate Linden

Thousands of people turned up at City Hall Plaza in Boston to protest the importance of climate justice on Friday, September 20.

Along with those thousands of people came thousands of signs. “This is our future we are fighting for”. “Save the earth, it’s the only one with dogs”. “The titanic would have no problem in 2019”.

There was an important message to convey at this strike, but people were doing it with chanting, singing, dancing, and of course protesting. There were speakers of all ages talking about the importance of their future and the futures of others.

A father and son from a Wampanoag tribe spoke about the temperature shifts, rising waters, and how it affects his family in Cape Cod.

Most of the speakers mentioned or discussed the Green New Deal, and how it’s the only plan that can help make a difference to the environment.

Just after mid-day, thousands of people walked, danced, and chanted their way to the State House to make the importance of climate justice clear to everyone.

“What do we want? Climate justice! When do we want it? Now!” “No more fossil fuels! No more fossil fuels!” Chants were being yelled all the way up and back, signs were being shown, voices were being heard by the people.

More strikes will be happening, but this one really set the bar high.

We’ll need more signs, more people, More Voices!

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