Letter to the Editor ~ Thank You from the Bedford Friends Supporting Students in Need

On behalf of our group, the Bedford Friends Supporting Students In Need, I would like to thank you all for the generosity and support to our September 22 fall semester packing. Many of you also donated time and effort to volunteer on the day of packing with your high school-aged children.  
Bedford’s Care Bag Team

By the end of the day, our group had prepared 200 bags for the universities and community colleges that had signed up to receive the bags.  We would not be able to fill all the bags without the donations we received from you and your organization.  Business owners like Callahan Karate Studio in Bedford and Sevak Abrahamian DDS Dental Group in Wilmington have been our long-time supporters with a donation like the tote bags and the dental toiletries. All the individuals like you had also made a significant contribution to our donation drive to complete all the items in the bags.  
We appreciate your spirit of giving to make this worthwhile project possible.  Our goal is to support the homeless and foster care students who may not have families supporting them through their educational journey. One of the items in the bag, the cheer card (written by our long-time volunteer, the Fisette family) in the bag, is to let them know that we care, and we hope they will succeed in higher education and breaking the cycle of poverty with motivation quote.  
You all have been one of the cheerleaders from Bedford, and again we thank you all for your kind giving.  
Have a wonderful holiday!
Bedford Friends Supporting Students In Need  
Andrea, Beth, Cindy, Mary Ellen and Shirley (founding members)

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