Mass Warriors Dedicate Football Charity Game to Jeff Hoyland

Mass Warriors played their 2019 season games at Sabourin Field

The Mass Warriors, the semi-pro football team that played at Sabourin Field this year, decided to dedicate their final game of the season to Jeff Hoyland because “He made us feel welcome from the very start.”

The Sabourin Field game will take place at 7:30 pm on Saturday, November 30.

The Warriors posted the following message on their Facebook page to announce the fundraiser and to invite the public.

In 2010, Jeff Hoyland was diagnosed with “Young Tongue” Cancer. He was treated at Dana Farber with chemo and radiation.

Jeff knew he could not be able to pay everyone back, so he decided to pay it forward. On July 4th, 2013, Jeff started a Facebook page called the Bedford Snapshots. He saw that a lot of iconic buildings were changing and wanted to capture all the little things in Bedford that we take for granted.

Because of Radiation treatment side-effects, Jeff developed trismus and needed a permanent tracheotomy. The doctors at Dana Farber requested that Jeff get daily exercise, so Jeff took the Bedford Local Transit to the Bedford Free Public Library every day. At game time, he walked over to the sports event and photograph for a couple of hours, and post the pictures online.

Earlier this year, Jeff went back to Dana Farber to confirm that he has a slow-growing cancer for the third time. Although he makes frequent trips into Dana Farber, he still makes time to photograph events in Bedford including a season’s worth of pictures for the Mass Warriors.

Jeff made us feel right at home from the very beginning and the team is honored and excited to lend a hand in their annual charity game to help out Bedfords man of the year in his time of need.

We encourage all to attend the event. Admission is $10 and Students and kids are $5.

Click this link to see Jeff Hoyland’s Mass Warriors pictures on the Bedford Snapshots Facebook page.

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