Bedford Youth Lacrosse Seeks Residents Interested in Joining its Board of Directors

Residents of Bedford,

As our organization continues to grow each year, so does our need for help to enable our programs to run smoothly. Lacrosse is a truly great sport with a rich history and unique cultural heritage.  We’re proud that so many young Buccaneers are a part of the lax community, but to properly serve our lax athletes Bedford Youth Lacrosse (BYL) needs many hands.

BYL is now seeking volunteers to help our organization move forward.  We need “doers” – collaborative individuals who are organized, efficient and possess an abundance of follow-through – to manage several open roles and responsibilities in the organization. These board positions are open to individuals who demonstrate an earnest commitment and practical contribution to the BYL infrastructure.

The following roles are open:

  • Girls Director
  • Secretary
  • Director of Player/Coaching Development
  • Fundraising Chair

Please consider volunteering. We simply cannot sustain a quality program of this size without you.  For more information about any of the roles please email us at  Planning for the upcoming season is happening now so we look forward to hearing from you very soon and welcoming new members to our team!

Kind Regards,

Bedford Youth Lacrosse Board of Directors



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