Order of Candidate Names on Town Election Ballot is Set

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Interim Town Clerk Rosemary Harvell selected the order in which candidates’ names will appear on the Town Election ballot on Monday, February 10 in the Town Clerk’s Office at Town Hall

Ordering candidate names on the ballot is specified Section 7-2 of Bedford’s Charter: For each office on the ballot, the placement of a candidate’s name in the list of candidates shall be determined by a number selected at random by the Town Clerk.  The Town Clerk shall determine the method of random selection.  Candidates, or their representatives, shall have the right to be present when the Town Clerk prepares the ballot listing for their office

The candidate order drawn on Monday evening is:

Select Board – 3-year term, vote for 2

  • Bopha Malone
  • Mark S. Siegenthaler
  • Edward M. Pierce

Board of Assessors – 3-year term, vote for 1

  • Rebecca G. Neale

Board of Health – 3-year term, vote for 2

  • Ann A. Kiessling
  • Susan B. Schwartz

Planning Board – 3-year term, vote for 2

  • Steven R. Hagan
  • Jacinda M. Barbehenn

Library Trustee – 3-year term, vote for 2

  • Robin Grace Silbert
  • Rachel Field

School Committee – 3-year term, vote for 2

  • Sarah A. Scoville
  • Ann E. Guay

School Committee – 2-year term, vote for 1

  • J. Bradley Morrison

School Committee – 1-year term, vote for 1

  • Daniel Hartley Brosgol

When and where does Bedford’s Annual Town Election take place?

Bedford’s annual Town Election will take place on Saturday, March 14. All precincts will vote in the gymnasium at the John Glenn Middle School, 99 McMahon Road.