What Voters Need to Know About Registering to Vote in Bedford’s Town Election, and Early Voting in the March 3 Presidential Primary

Important information from Bedford’s Town Clerk about registering to vote in the Town’s Annual Election, as well as information and an FAQ about early voting in the Massachusetts Primary on March 3

Last Day to Register to Vote in Bedford’s Annual Town Election

Register to vote in Bedford’s Annual Town Election on Saturday, February 22.  The Town Clerk’s Office will be open on that day for voter registration from 9 AM until 8 PM.

Early Voting for the Presidential Primary 

Early voting begins on Monday, February 24 and ends on Friday, February 28. Polling stations will be set up in the Reed Meeting Room at Bedford Town Hall, 10 Mudge Way during the following hours:

  • Monday 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesday-Thursday 8:00 – 4:00 PM
  • Friday 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Click this link to view Specimen Ballots

Contact the Town Clerk’s Office:

Early Voting FAQs

When will the 2020 Presidential Primary early voting period begin and end?

  • The early voting period for the Presidential Primary Election will begin on Monday, February 24th and end on Friday, February 28th.

Who is eligible to vote early?

  • All residents who are registered voters on or before the deadline to register to vote (February 12, 2020) for the March 3, 2020, Presidential Primary Election. Voters registered in the Town of Bedford may only vote in the Town of Bedford. No reason required.

Where do I vote early?

  • All eligible voters may vote in-person at the Bedford Town Hall, 10 Mudge Way, or by mail.

When are the early voting deadlines?

  • Early voting IN PERSON ends on Friday, February 28th at1:00 p.m.
  • The last day and hour to deliver a voted ballot (if a ballot was mailed to you) to the Town Clerk’s Office is 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Only the voter may hand-deliver an early voter ballot.

How do I get an early voting ballot?

  • You can get an early voting ballot by mail or in person. Voters voting by mail must complete an application or provide a request in writing. Early Ballots cannot be mailed until February 24th.
  • Voters voting in person do not need to complete an application. A voter may request a ballot at any early voting location by providing their address and name. Early voting ballots cannot be removed from an early voting location.

How do I return my early voting ballot?

  • If voting in person, the voter will return the sealed affidavit envelope containing his/her early voting ballot to the election official.
  • If voting by mail, the voter may return it by mail to the Town Clerk’s Office in the envelope provided or the voter may hand-deliver his/her own ballot personally to the Town Clerk’s Office. The ballot cannot be returned by anyone other than the voter.

Is early voting available for all elections?

  • Early voting will be available for biennial state elections only. Early voting is generally not available for primaries, special elections or local elections. The Presidential Primary this year, is an exception.

Can I pick up an early voting ballot for a family member or friend?

  • No. The family or friend must come in person to the Town Hall or request to have the ballot mailed to them.

I requested an early voting ballot but did not receive it, what should I do?

  • If you requested an early voting ballot but did not receive it, please call the Bedford Town Clerk’s office at 781-275-0083. Early Ballots will not be mailed until February 24th.

If I vote early can I also vote at the polls on Election Day?

  • No. Your ballot will be considered cast and you will not be eligible to vote by mail, in person or at the polls on Election Day.

Is absentee voting still available?

  • Yes.  If you are qualified to vote by absentee ballot you may still do so.
  • To apply for an absentee ballot, you must be a registered voter who will be unable to vote at the polls on Election Day due to: absence from the Town of Bedford during normal polling hours; or physical disability preventing you from going to the polling place; or religious beliefs

For additional information, please call the Town Clerk’s Office at 781-275-0083 or visit our website at www.bedfordma.gov/town-clerk.

Correction: Early voting ballots can be mailed after February 24, not March 24 as stated originally.

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