Alli Lua Completes the ‘MS Climb to the Top’ Vertical 5k in 17.1 Minutes

The best view comes after the hardest climb! Alli Lua atop 200 Clarendon Street, formerly known as the John Hancock Tower, at the end of today’s 5k vertical climb


Alli Lua who teaches second grade at the Davis School in Bedford has hidden powers. In just 17.1 minutes (!) she climbed to the top of 200 Clarendon Street, previously known as the John Hancock Tower, on Saturday, March 7.

The vertical 5k climb was sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Greater New England to raise funds to change the world for people with MS.

As a fundraiser, Ms. Lua more than doubled her original goal. The 54th donor among the 553 participants, she was named a Top 100 donor and was part of a Top 50 team. If you’d like to help, click this link to her donor page.

While The Bedford Citizen salutes Ms. Lua’s accomplishment, we also want to shine a light on the surprise video that Davis School students presented to her on Friday afternoon.  Click this link to watch their Climb to the Top video

Correction: Ms. Lua teaches at the Davis School in Bedford, not at Lane as was first mentioned. Some readers have reported difficulty with the video, but The Citizen was able to play it using Windows Media Player.


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