Scavenger Hunts & Joke of the Day ~ Family Fun in Bedford

Editor’s Note: Activities for kids and families are burbling up all around Bedford!

In and Around Bedford Center

If you live in the center of town, you may have noticed one family’s joke of the day on a whiteboard in their yard. The idea “came originally out of boredom” as the Sayles family “can’t actually be near anyone to socialize right now”. Telling jokes is a regular activity for the family, and they decided to share them with neighbors. The majority of the jokes come from 9-year-old Emma’s joke books. The family reads a few jokes from the books each day at breakfast and then vote on which joke to write on the board. On holidays and other important dates, they “tried to theme the jokes accordingly” – with topical jokes for both St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring so far.

One other small activity Bedford residents have created is a rainbow scavenger hunt. Families can make a rainbow and put it in a window this week, then wait for those going on walks to spot them. Already, many rainbows can be seen in the Greater Fletcher neighborhood. Next time you go on a walk, make sure to take time to see the pictures, rainbows, and jokes, or create your own.

A Town-Wide Scavenger Hunt

The Bedford Family Connection has created a scavenger hunt around Bedford for families to participate in. The idea was inspired by some people in Carlisle who were putting sunflowers in their windows, but the BFC “wanted to give it our own spin”. Families and businesses are encouraged to draw a picture of something that starts with the first letter of their name and display it on their wall or in their yard. Parr-Paskali said that the goal was “to give families an adventure to go on and also give the whole town a way to show our spirit and unity while practicing social distancing”.

You can download a Bedford Family Connection scavenger hunt sheet and bingo cards here:  (And if the kids get pictures, please share them by email at!)

In addition to the scavenger hunt, the Bedford Family Connection has launched a private Facebook group (you can get involved at and plans to do “virtual storytimes and moms/dads nights out”.

Editor’s Note: Molly Gilarde is a member of the Bedford High School Class of 2021

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