Candidate Page ~ School Committee ~ Sarah A. Scoville

> Why are you interested in serving the Bedford community as a member of the School Committee and what issues are of particular interest to you?

I am a working artist and art educator. I have taught in different capacities for over 20 years. My favorite moments of teaching include witnessing sparks of excitement and curiosity in a child while making a project, seeing a child’s glee in getting messy with paper mache or calming a child’s mind with a weaving project. My passion for education combined with my love to work behind the scenes to make organizations better has led me to the Bedford School Committee. For the last three years on the School Committee I have enjoyed collaborating with the other members to focus on children and what they need to be the healthiest and best learners they can be. I have an understanding of children, how they learn, and the importance of approaching different learners differently. I also understand how teachers need to be supported. Please see #3 for the issues interest me.

> What steps would you support to integrate the new school superintendent into the Bedford community, i.e., not just the school system but the community at large?

Bedford is a small unique community. Jon Sills has made a priority of celebrating its differences. He has been a key leader in the Bedford Embraces Diversity, has been on the board of METCO, spearheaded the Parent Diversity Council, and created the Tenacity Challenge. One of my main goals in hiring and transitioning in a new superintendent is to make sure that this celebration of diversity does not get lost in the day to day governance of a school district.  I hope the new superintendent has the passion and interest in the Bedford community that Jon has had. The Bedford Community Partnership group would be a place to start to introduce the new superintendent to the different groups in town. I would also encourage attendance at events like Bedford Day, October Fest, MLK breakfast, and the Town Walk Abouts.

> What are three specific issues regarding the public education in Bedford that are critical issues you want to influence as a member of the School Committee?

Three issues regarding the Bedford Public Schools that I think are critical are:

Social Emotional Wellness: I want to strengthen programs around Social and Emotional Wellness to foster healthy individual students and overall positive learning environments.

Experiential Learning: Massachusetts is getting better at creating assessments that test student’s knowledge. The data that is collected from the tests is used wisely, for example to strengthen Bedford’s literacy programs.  However, I don’t want Bedford to become a district that teaches to a test or loses their existing innovative, experiential, hands on learning opportunities. Experiential learning is a powerful way to engage students, differentiate materials for different learners, and stimulate innovation and collaboration opportunities to prepare students for an everchanging world.

Extra-curricular opportunities for all: I will continue to support and encourage:

  1. a broad array of opportunities for student athletes with programs like JV hockey and Unified Basketball, 2. The visual arts with art exhibits collaborations,

3.  The award-winning performing arts department.


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