Letter to the Editor Supporting Bopha Malone

Just a note to let you and the readers of the Bedford Citizen know that I am supporting and going to vote for Bopha Malone for Selectperson in the upcoming election. I was invited with other friends to have a sit down with Bopha several weeks ago. I had not at that point any idea about Bopha and how she might fare as a candidate. It only took a few moments of being with her and listening to her to learn that Bopha is a breath of fresh air for Bedford. I decided to support her on the spot and she has never failed to inspire me to support her commitment to and goals for Bedford.

Like many others, I asked how she could compete with the other candidates that are running. I almost immediately came to see that what Bopha has to offer more than compensated for any notion she is not ready, not “experienced” enough. Her work as a community activist and as a community banker brings critical skills, along with her willingness and ability to work together with her fellow Select peeps.

I have pledged my support to her and will continue to do so even after the election.

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