Real, But Distant…Until It Wasn’t

At first, the coronavirus seemed like every other news headline: real, but distant.  We’d hear about how it affected others, we’d talk about it in the hallways, but none of us believed we would actually feel the effects ourselves; that our lives would be directly impacted.

Yet here we are:  school canceled, sports canceled, shows canceled, our lives on pause.  While it’s hard for every student, it hits us, the senior class, especially hard as most of these events were going to be our last ones as Bedford High School students.  A time of celebration: our last winter sports banquets, our last spring sports seasons, our last musicals, our senior fashion show…and we are worried about future milestones like prom and graduation.

However, I’m really glad the town took such swift and decisive action.  I’d much rather shut everything down for two weeks and (hopefully) get it over with than continue to hesitate and delay decision making while the situation worsened.  Obviously, neither situation is ideal but I believe that in the long run, this course of action is best.  These events have undoubtedly been quite an experience for everyone (even grocery shopping has an extra thrill to it) and it has certainly put our constant complaints about school in perspective!

Right now is a time to think beyond ourselves and instead think of others whose lives have been so disrupted.  We will have other celebrations.  In the meantime, let’s stand behind our town leadership and look at this as an opportunity to do what we can for our local, national, and international community.

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