Super Tuesday in Bedford – Preliminary Totals are Counted ~ Full Results to Follow

Representatives of Edison Research (l) and Decision Desk HQ.Com transcribed Bedford’s vote totals to share with their companies.

In what was surely one of the most temperate winter Election Days, 4,414 voters found their way to Bedford’s polls to vote in the Massachusetts Presidential Primary, March 3.

The big winner? State Rep Ken Gordon tallied 3,193 Bedford votes in his bid for Democratic State Committeeman.

Following Gordon’s lead, Joe Biden pulled 1,313 votes; Elizabeth Warren garnered 1,088; Bernie Sanders got 423; Michael Bloomberg’s 423 votes closed out The Citizen’s list of top Democratic vote-getters.

On the Republican ballot, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld earned 93 Bedford votes, and President Trump’s total was 472.

Carrying Bedford’s Vote to a Wider Audience

Reporters were sent to Bedford by a pair of national organizations with the express purpose of relaying the Town’s vote totals.

A Belmont High School student responded to a bulk email sent by Edison Research because of the election’s importance, and a paralegal from Haverhill represented Decision Desk HQ.Com in Bedford.

At 10 pm Decision Desk tweeted the following results with 31% of Massachusetts precincts reporting: Biden: 33%;  Sanders: 28%; Warren: 20%; Bloomberg: 11%. The total represents 384,585 votes counted.


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