Wish You Were Here ~ Murphy’s Excellent Adventure

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Ms. Bethany (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Heading to Tank Beach for some sunshine


Friends and families who visit the Bedford Free Public Library may have been wondering what Murphy the Turtle has been up to since the library closed on March 13th.

Ms. Bethany (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Murphy in Transit ~ “Where am I headed?”

Murphy has definitely been wondering where all of his friends and admirers have gone since then!

For the first few days, library staff took care of Murphy in the library, visiting every day or two to make sure he had food and a clean tank.  A few days was all it took for staff to realize that Murphy needed a vacation home instead of a dark, lonely library.

Murphy has since headed home with Bethany Klem, the Head of Children’s Services.  It was quite an operation to take down his aquarium and set it up again in a new location, but the effort means that he has round-the-clock attention and care.

Ms. Bethany (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Who’s out there?

Ms. Bethany’s kids and cats are infatuated and bewildered, respectively. Murphy is settling in nicely and has been happily chomping on his preferred romaine lettuce leaves.  Whenever you find yourself missing Murphy’s turtlish ways and antics, you can check out the library’s Facebook page for occasional updates on the library’s favorite reptile.  You’re welcome to leave well-wishes or questions for Murphy on those posts.

When the library reopens, Murphy will head back to his true home–and he’ll be so glad to see his favorite friends once again.

Ms. Bethany (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Settling in for a relaxing swim

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