Pole Capping, 2019 ~ Reminiscing with Jeff Hoyland

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Image (c) Jeff JHO Hoyland, 2018 all rights reserved

Bedford Minuteman Bryan Nash, atop the Liberty Pole in 2018

Bedford’s Pole Capping Day looks different in 2020. Due to Covid-19, the annual festivities which were supposed to happen today, Saturday, April 11, were canceled. We spoke with Jeff Hoyland, the man whose camera captures some of the town’s best moments, to hear his thoughts on that iconic day.

Could you describe the atmosphere at Bedford’s Pole Capping?

“There is an atmosphere of pride. Bedford Pole Capping Day is one of the first parades for all the Minuteman troops in the area. Many of the people marching haven’t seen each other all winter, so it is a time to show off any new additions to their kits.”

How about those in attendance? What about the kids?

“Kids absolutely love it because they can walk right up to the Minuteman and talk with them. Photo ops with children are encouraged. And then at Wilson Park, the Minuteman and the visitors stand shoulder to shoulder watching the red cap being posted on the pole”

Do you have any favorite parts of the march or the day overall?

“My favorite are the companies that are made completely of students. I’ve been to enough Pole Capping Days and taken enough pictures that I have seen students mature and be promoted to heads of their company”

There have to be a few of favorite pictures Pole Capping Days, right?


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The complete album from last year’s Pole Capping Day can be found on the Bedford Snapshots Facebook page

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To reminisce about other events, check back soon for more recaps from Bedford Snapshots and Jeff Hoyland, Bedford’s Citizen of the Year.

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