Dot’s Reading Room: The Neoliberal Era is Ending. What Comes Next?

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“In a crisis, what was once unthinkable can suddenly become inevitable. We’re in the middle of the biggest societal shakeup since the second world war. And neoliberalism is gasping its last breath. So from higher taxes for the wealthy to more robust government, the time has come for ideas that seemed impossible just months ago.”

This quotation is the lead in an opinion piece well worth reading by writer Rutger Bregman which appeared in The Correspondent (A Dutch publication now available in English translation.)

Please note: the articles selected for The Reading Room are Dot Bergin’s choice and do not reflect the views of The Bedford Citizen.

My take on this is that in a time of crisis, we can take stock of where we are as a society and where we should be heading. Each time the US faces a “turning point” (9-11, the housing market crash of 2008, etc.) people say, “life will never be the same again.” Was this true in the previous crises mentioned? I’m not so sure.

But this pandemic crisis is different – profoundly different. It really does offer the opportunity to change course and work toward a better, more equitable society.  The argument for this is laid out thoughtfully-albeit controversially-in the piece by Bregman.

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