Haley Portlock’s Senior Project ~ Music Serving Two Missions

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BHS Senior Haley Portlock

BHS Senior Haley Portlock spent much of the past school year developing her senior project, an in-person concert. To adapt to the sudden impact of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing restrictions, she decided to change her event to an online concert featuring the BHS students and instructors who would’ve appeared in the in-person event.

Haley’s project and Bedford TV’s Operation Feed the Soul! fundraiser format were similar, and so the two are working together. As Haley said of her project “The whole point is to bring some smiles!”

Click this link to view Haley’s video.

Participants in Haley’s portion of the 12-hour program include, in order:

  • Ken Budka
  • Eleannah Hernandez
  • Joleen Ricci
  • Lily Barsam-Thompson
  • Mia Federico
  • Datev Gevorkian
  • Isabella Panagiotou
  • Mr. Jesse Dix (BHS math teacher)
  • Elise and the Minorities (Elise Harfield, Prakhar Gupta, Andrew Zhou, and Ethan Lee)
  • Hugh Gilroy
  • Mr. Jim Felker (BHS marching band and music program teacher)

Several students share hopeful messages:

  • Pihu Anand
  • Jordan Vinh
  • Hannah O’Connor
  • Andrew Presti
  • Jonathan Pierre

About tomorrow’s Bedford TV/Operation Feed the Soul! fundraiser in this image



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