Testing Tuesday Continues on June 2 and Offers Free Tests for All Bedford Town Employees

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As I shared with Bedford Select Chair, Ed Pierce, earlier this week, thanks to a benefactor, Tuesday testing at First Parish is now free-of-charge to ALL Bedford Town Employees, including Fire and Police.

No special identification as a Bedford Town Employee is necessary, the process is simple:  go to bedfordresearch.org/first-parish, click on “requesting assistance from First Parish”, put in name, address, date of birth, telephone number.  Federal HIPAA regulations prevent any testing requests or results to become public.  You will be assigned a testing number and a time to show up on Tuesday by email.  The testing process itself takes less than 5 minutes, only one person/household group at a time is allowed in the testing area, confidentiality is strictly maintained.

The ultimate goal is to be able to offer free testing to all Bedford residents, as is now the situation in Cambridge and Somerville.  The only way to get ahead of the virus is to discover who is infected and doesn’t know it.  Every Bedford First Responder, and town employee, and their family, should be able to be tested whenever they want.  This is the hope of the Governor’s task force, who is also helping to underwrite the cost of the test through June.

Anyone testing positive will be notified by telephone within 24 hours, all others will receive results by U.S. mail.

Let’s get everyone tested!

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