What’s Bedford Thinking? A Snap Poll ~ Reopening Houses of Worship

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Here’s the second What’s Bedford Thinking snap poll, this time about reopening houses of worship.

In Phase One of Massachusetts reopening, houses of worship can open with restrictions.  Assuming your house of worship chooses to open, how likely will you be to return to services within the next month?

Cast your vote until 5 pm on Saturday afternoon.

What’s Bedford Thinking? Last week’s results, Restaurants

Well,  first the question was ……

How comfortable would you be dining in a restaurant that imposed restrictions, such as limiting the number of patrons to allow for social distancing between tables?

And your answers were ……

  • Very Uncomfortable? (44%, 70 Votes)
  • Somewhat Uncomfortable? (23%, 37 Votes)
  • Somewhat Comfortable? (17%, 27 Votes)
  • Very Comfortable? (15%, 24 Votes)

While this is a relatively small sampling in light of the population of Bedford, only 32% of our poll respondents said they would be comfortable at all eating in a restaurant even with some recommended restrictions.

It’s important to remember that what those restrictions might be is still in the abstract. Nonetheless, these results are a little more pessimistic than the national polls.



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