What’s Bedford Thinking? The Citizen’s Weekly Snap Poll

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Although The Bedford Citizen is focused on Bedford news, what happens in the broader world affects us all. Each week The Citizen asks about a big issue to get a sense of what the neighbors think in an unscientific snap poll.

The poll lives atop the right-hand column on our website, or alongside any of the stories you read online. Polls remain open until Saturday and the results are included in our weekly review that lands in subscribers’ inbox at 7:30 every Sunday morning.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Bedford Thinking? The Citizen’s Weekly Snap Poll

  1. “Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?”

    I answered “Yes” before I realized all it meant was that I have an opinion about Pres. Joe Biden. Yes, I approve or disapprove… No, I don’t approve or disapprove…

    Question should be better-framed, methinks!

  2. Finally they are helping 75-100+year olds that live at home! How could our leaders ever expect this age group to drive 200+ miles for a vaccine???? Thank God for Pharmacies stepping up!

  3. There has been so much controversy regarding the shots I would prefer to make a knowledgeable decision for myself.
    Thank You Gene
    One of Many…

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