The Bedford Unicorn Causes Grins Around Town, and Raises Funds for the Bedford Food Pantry

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Spotting a unicorn tends to be considered nothing but fantasy. Locally, Bedford Unicorn sightings have become a common occurrence thanks to Daisy Girifalco.

Since mid-March, Girifalco has been parading around town in an 8-foot tall inflatable unicorn costume. She initially bought the costume to help a friend create a video for her dance company. Days later she brought the costume back out to sing happy birthday (from a distance) to a neighbor.

Her work as the Bedford Unicorn has taken off since then, and she receives frequent requests to stop by for birthday parties, surprise visits, and even join in on Zoom calls. In total, she’s made 120 visits.

Courtesy image (c) 2020

The Bedford Unicorn raises funds for the Bedford Food Pantry

Girifalco says she keeps it up to spread smiles, both for herself and those she surprises. “It’s just a riot,” she says. “People just laugh. You just want to make people smile. I think people are still struggling quite a bit now, and the Bedford Unicorn just made people smile.”

Since 2011, Girifalco had been President of the Bedford Children’s Center, a fully licensed, state-accredited, independent, family-run childcare center, which will be reopening on June 29. She hopes to don the costume as often as she can but noted that it will probably be limited to late afternoons and night time after BCC reopens.

Those interested in having the Bedford Unicorn come by for a birthday party or any other event can message Girifalco on Facebook to arrange a time. Rather than taking payment, the Bedford Unicorn asks for donations to the Bedford Food Pantry, and has raised more than $1000 since March.

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