Annual Town Meeting 2020 – Watch Bedford TV’s Live Stream Recording

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According to Interim Town Clerk Rosemary Harvell, Bedford voters turned out in force for Annual Town Meeting 2020 at Sabourin Field on Saturday morning, July 11.

Special Town Meeting drew 212 eligible residents, and Bedford’s Annual Town Meeting articles were approved by up to 209 voters.

New residents who moved to Bedford after registration closed for Annual Town meeting early this year were eligible to vote in the Special Town Meeting, but not in Annual Town Meeting. The new voters used yellow voting cards, and long-time residents voted using red fans emblazoned with the Town Seal.

Bedford-TV was on the field, live-streaming the proceedings for voters unable to attend the meeting in person. B-TV’s Executive Director Katie Duval reported that more than 60 viewers tuned in at one time during the 2-hour live-stream, and the un-edited video was watched more than 400 times before it being replaced by the final, edited version shown below. Duval was joined by Steve Madore, a freelance videographer from Scituate, and Bob Dutton, a member of the B-TV  board who captured the Bedford Minuteman Company marching onto the field.

An edited version of the meeting is available by clicking the video below

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