Community Preservation Budget passes at Annual Town Meeting

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Image (c) Ken Gordon , 2020 all rights reserved

Image (c) Ken Gordon , 2020 all rights reserved

Voters at Bedford’s Annual Town Meeting on Saturday, July 11, 2020


The revised Community Preservation FY 2021 budget was one of many articles passed at Bedford’s Annual Town Meeting on July 11, 2020. The original budget in Article 7 of the warrant was mailed to all Bedford households in March, but was revised for this Town Meeting due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The new budget, mailed in July, removed items 10-14 as these were deemed less critical to the proper functioning of the Town.

The article that passed unanimously (items 1-9) included administrative costs (item 1), as well as several regular bond payments (items 3-8) that must be made in order for the Town to not default on bond obligations. Also included in the budget that passed was money for the ongoing participation in the Regional Housing Services Office (item 2), and the Bedford Housing Authority Life Management Program (item 9). These two items will provide needed services for some of Bedford’s most at-risk residents, particularly at this time of uncertainty, and was deemed by the Select Board as important to keep in this year’s budget.

More than $733,500 was indefinitely postponed by the Select Board at their May 13, 2020 meeting:].

Information on all the changes to the warrant was provided on the Town’s web site in early July in both written form] and in an instructional video:].

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