Letter to the Editor: A Thank You Note ~ Annual Town Meeting 2020

As a Bedford resident, I have many things to be grateful about, but the recent outdoor Annual Town Meeting has to be one of the best! I was really impressed with the care that everyone put into this unusual event.  Everything seemed well thought-out and successfully executed.

Thank you to the Town Manager, Sarah Stanton, relevant Committees, and the members of our Select Board for their rigorous winnowing of the warrant so that only the most needful articles remained.

Thank-you to Moderator Cathy Cordes and her assistants (including the AV crew and Bedford TV) for an efficient yet inclusive conversation.

Thank you to all the Town Departments (Facilities, Fire, Police, DPW, and others) and Town employees and volunteers for the behind the scenes and on-site work, including their considerate arrangement of chairs, the thoughtful addition of water and safety packets for all participants, and the efficient and safe check-in process.

Thank you to the Minutemen for reminding us of our rich heritage, retaining something familiar that we can value and maintain, even in these disorienting times.

Thank you to all the others I cannot name but I know also worked hard.  And thank-you to my neighbors–the town residents who showed up in the heat to engage in a socially distanced exchange of views–all committed to doing our best for our Town.

I am so grateful to be part of this community!

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