Memorial Resolutions ~ Annual Town Meeting, 2020

Whereas, since the Annual Town Meeting of 2019, employees, officers and committee members of the Town have passed away, having performed their duties faithfully, dedicating their time and skills to benefit the residents of Bedford, and

Whereas we gratefully recognize their public service to Bedford’s citizens,

Now, therefore, be it resolved that we, the people of Bedford, assembled here in Annual Town Meeting on July 11, 2020, mourn their passing and extend sincere sympathy to the families of:

Joseph Bellino

  • Recreation Commission

Maria Garcia

  • Davis Elementary School Custodian 2001-2012

Robert  Ciolfi

  • Program Administrator of Counseling and Guidance for Bedford High School 1977-1991

Walter  Harkins

  • Public Works Maintenance Department, retired in 1996

Robert  D’Auria

  • Police Sergeant 1971-1998

Phyllis Allen

  • Tax Collector retired 1989

Calvin Tingley

  • Teacher, Head of Science Dept 1960-1993

Neil Odams

  • High School Teacher and Football and Baseball Coach from 1968-1976

Lucas “Tad” Taddeo, Jr.

  • Custodian 1997-1999 & 2000-2014

Robert McGrath

  • Bedford Police Officer 1960-1990

Dorothy Lo Vecchio

  • Secretary at Bedford High School 1984-2003

Mary  Biggio

  • Conservation Commission

JoAnn Elder

  • Elementary School Teacher

Carol Walcott

  • Teacher 1968-1998

Susan Hay

  • Assistant Library Director 1973-1979

Jean  Chamberlain

  • Secretary at Bedford High School 1969-1985

Eileen Hansen

  • Public Works Office Manager 1977 -1991

And be it further resolved that this Resolution be inscribed in the permanent record of this meeting, and notification thereof sent to members of their families.

Editor’s Note: The names will be read aloud at an upcoming Town Meeting, and another moment of silence will be observed

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