Photographing Comet NEOWISE at Halibut Point

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Image (c) Lila Bailey, 2020 all rights reserved

Comet NEOWISE, photographed by Lila Bailey at Halibut Point on Wednesday evening.


Mark David Bailey is known around Bedford as a dad, a talented photographer, and a man with the patience and skill to balance standing stones.

Image (c) Mark David Bailey (c) 2020, all rights reserved

While Lila photographed Comet NEOWISE at Halibut Point, Nora’s mask kept her face warm.

Earlier this week, Bailey drove to Halibut Point with his daughters Lila and Nora to see Comet NEOWISE, balance a rock or two, and take some pictures.

The result?

The compelling image at the head of this story is 10-year-old Lila’s. It was the best shot of the night, with the 40-pound rock her dad balanced in the foreground, the sea, lights on the horizon, a scattering of stars, and Comet NEOWISE in good focus.

Bailey explained that he has re-committed to writing a long-considered photography book, and looks forward to partnering with Lila in the adventure.




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