Tourist in Our Town: The Lillian Dutton Memorial Herb Garden

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Image (c) Jeannette Pothier, 2020 all rights reserved

Looking down into the Lillian Dutton Herb Garden at Bedford’s Job Lane House


Image (c) Jeannette Pothier, 2020 all rights reserved

The marsh mallow plant is beautiful, but not so good for s’mores!

The Job Lane House and Barn are owned by the Town of Bedford.  The house and barn are closed, but the gardens are open for you to visit, at any time. Please wear your masks and respect social distancing.

The herb garden was established as the museum was getting ready to open many years ago. We have the first letter to the Historical Commission, that outlines the construction of the garden and the herbs that were used in the 18th Century. Great research went into this project.

Jo Champney is the herb garden advisor and a team from the Bedford Garden Club and the Job Lane House Museum works weekly to plant, weed, prune, and certainly water.  For some reason, like all other plants and flowering trees and bushes, this year has been a good year for herbs.  Many herbs have multiple uses, but the four raised beds have been named as one each for culinary and aromatic herbs, and two as medicinal. Despite our plans, plants do have a surprising way of moving themselves around, popping up where we least expect them.

The Job Lane House and Barn are located at 295 North Road in Bedford.  For more information, contact Jeannette Pothier at

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