You are the Class of 2020

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Image (c) Bedford TV 2020 all rights reserved

Hamilton comes to Sabourin Field

With thanks to BHS Principal Heather Galante and Assistant Principals Tom Casey and Dan Hudder for writing, and then sharing, their very current and altogether memorable Principal’s Address.

Rapped to the rhythms of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton

How do you plan for a COVID grad ceremony And a crowd dropped in the middle of a popular Spot on the turf with the sun blazing down on us Does anybody have a glass of water?


This class started [beat] high school without school tours

Got a lot farther by working a lot harder

By being a lot smarter By being a self-starter

By senior year, had no idea what you would be a part of


And every day fire drills were being started you departed

Your classes and froze your assets off but weren’t down-hearted Inside you were longing for snacks from Ms. Ferrari

You were ready for the end of high school to get started


Then coronavirus came and devastation reigned

The students saw senior year dripping down the drain Put an end to prom stroll, scavenger hunt and spoons Spent their time isolated learnin’ class through zooms


Well the word got around, they said, this is insane man

Met with Ms. Galante just to get a graduation plan

Get your celebration; don’t forget from whence you came Because the world is gonna know your name

What’s your name, man? Class of 2020

You are the Class of 2020

And there’s a million things you haven’t done But just you wait, just you wait

(c) Heather Galante, Tom Casey, and Dan Hudder, 2020 all rights reserved but with admiration and appreciation to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton

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