Alternate Route Sought to Concord

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With all the paving projects going on, one seems particularly impactful.  On Route 62, from Bedford to Concord there is an orange construction sign saying “Construction – seek alternate routes.”

Which begs the question – what is the alternative?

To use an old New England saying, “you can’t get there from here,” there truly is no other way!  I suppose you could go all the way to L e x i n g t o n and then circle back.  One definitely has the feeling that it would just be faster to wait until the paving is done.

Route 62 does border Hanscom, could there be a top-secret road that we don’t know about?  Why would they have such a suggestion without a viable solution?  Maybe the rumored Hanscom Tunnel really does exist?

Or is there really no alternate way to get to Concord.  If that is true, is that a fatal flaw in our civil defense planning?  Imagine if we needed to evacuate to Concord during a paving project?  It could happen.  Let’s just hope not until the paving is done.

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