Neighbor Brigade Seeks Kid-Size Back-to-School Cloth Masks


Mask maker, mask maker, make me a mask, to support the Neighbor Brigade’s Back-to-School Masks for Kids Project


Thanks to Bedford’s generous contributions this summer, the Neighbor Brigade had great success supporting the kids of food vulnerable families to make Summer Fun bags that were distributed by the Town’s Food Bank. The bags were well received and very much appreciated.

The Bedford Food Bank has reached out and asked for our help to support these kids again.

The Neighbor Brigade is collecting donations of multiple layer, reusable, machine washable, cloth/cotton face masks (no neck gaiters) in school-age kid sizes.

We are particularly interested in masks for kids in kindergarten through 6th grade, assuming middle and high school students can wear adult masks, but all sizes are needed, welcomed, and invited.

Masks can be commercially produced or homemade. We are hoping to have masks organized and distributed before school starts, so are looking to have donations in hand before September 10th.

You can drop off homemade masks, masks purchases locally, or ship an online purchase of masks to 11 Old Stagecoach Rd., Bedford MA 01730. There will be an orange bin labeled near the garage door. You can put masks inside or upon, depending on your contact comfort level. We can also pick masks up from you, just send us an email –

We have also teamed up with some generous local Bedford Mask Makers who will be donating masks. If you purchase any size or pattern mask for yourself between now and September 5th, the Bedford Mask makers will be able to donate an additional kid’s mask for the Food Bank before school starts and Neighbor Brigade will take care of delivery.

You can also purchase masks for direct donation through local Bedford Maskmakers:

If a monetary contribution is easier, you can Venmo a donation to @Jennifer-Stewart-123, and we will fill in any gaps in sizes/shapes/colors.

If there are extra masks we will donate directly to the school guidance departments to have on hand, and excess funds would go to the Bedford Food Pantry (or more masks).

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