‘The Bro Code’ ~ Lizzie Seibert’s Debut Young Adult Novel

‘The Bro Code’ is among Wattpad’s publications earning a Watty award this year.

Bedford’s newest – and most likely youngest – published author is Elizabeth (Lizzie) Seibert, whose first novel “The Bro Code” will be released on September 22.

If you can’t wait until then, you can view the cover, read a synopsis, and pre-order the book on both the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. It will be available in book stores, too, published by Wattpad – more on that imprint later.

The Citizen is especially happy to share Lizzie’s success. As a reporter she “covered” the Finance Committee, Housing Partnership, and the March Annual Town Meeting in 2017 until she left Bedford to take up a full-time job, writing content for a digital advertising agency.

When talking with an author a reporter’s first question often is, when did you know you loved writing?

In Lizzie’s life, writing has always been key. She’s a Bedford High School graduate, Class of 2012, but did not write for the school’s publications, saying that her writing at that time was private, just for herself.

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Seibert

“The Bro Code” was actually begun when she was in high school. Lizzie found the storytelling platform Wattpad.com and began posting stories on it, gaining a substantial following.  The original draft of “The Bro Code” won Wattpad’s “Most Popular Humor Story” Watty award in 2012, and to date has chalked up more than 22 million “reads.”  It is still available there but as Lizzie points out, the published version is significantly different.

Her success with the story led to its acceptance as a Wattpad Book – Wattpad Books in turn is partnered with Macmillan in the US and Penguin Books in the UK. What began as an online story has now gone through the typical editing and design process to produce a paperback book (or a Kindle version.)

In the years since she left Bedford, Lizzie has held a variety of jobs in the marketing field but always with a writing component. One of her part-time jobs was in marketing at the Mt Auburn Sports Club – she’s interested in sports and nutrition.  A look back in The Citizen archives produced a photo of Lizzie as a lifeguard at Springs Brook Park in 2015.

All along the way, she has taken courses in creative writing and literature at Harvard, which she is continuing to do now.

And yes, a second book is in the making.

If you are an aspiring writer looking for a place to post your work or are simply interested in reading lots of good stories, you should check out Wattpad.  All genres are represented: sci/fi, rom/com, historical fiction, nonfiction, thrillers, and more. Although most can be read for free, Wattpad now has a small selection of “Paid Stories,” a program that enables readers to support writers they enjoy.  Click this link to visit www.Wattpad.com

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