Bedford’s Neighbor Brigade says “Thanks for Your Gifts of Back-to-School Masks”

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Thank you to everyone who donated masks to the Bedford MA Neighbor Brigade Back to School mask drive!

We were able to collect or purchase, wash, iron, individually bag, sort by size, label, and deliver 455 masks in time for school to start. We brought 230 masks for distribution at the Bedford Food Bank, and 225 masks to the BPS Guidance Department in every color and pattern from tiny preschool to high school appropriate sizes.

We estimate at least 80% of the masks were handmade in a range of styles and patterns and all with a lot of care.

We were also happy to be able to purchase 60 high quality commercially produced masks with many very generous cash donations as an option for kids.

We are proud to be part of a group that not only supports the health and safety of our community but also supports kids feeling comfortable, confident, and supported.

Both the Food Bank coordinators and the Head of Guidance extend a big thank you to all that contributed to the support in any way. The collection was very appreciated and successful!

Thank you so much for supporting our community. We hope we can all continue to care for one another through these acts, big and small.

Jane, Mary, and Jenny Stewart
Bedford Neighbor Brigade

Neighbor Brigade is a network of volunteers that is ready to help individuals in temporary crisis with day to day activities, from dog walks and grocery shopping to meal delivery and rides to doctor appointments.

If you would like to become involved or know someone who needs help, please visit our website

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