Celebrating a Centenarian – Adrienne Desjardins

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Heather Carbone Randhahn (c) 2020 alll rights reserved

The story begins with this balloon

In addition to celebrating Adrienne Desjardin’s birthday, this is a story of social media at its best.

Heather Carbone Randhahn’s posted a picture on the Bedford MA Today Facebook page, “I don’t know the specifics but was happy to see that a 100th birthday was celebrated in the neighborhood ❤️

Adrienne Desjardins, grandmother to Michelle Young’s husband Eric, celebrated her 100th birthday that day, and Michelle recognized the house where Eric grew up in Heather’s post. Then connections began to unfold in earnest: Social media helped connect The Citizen to Michelle, and then to Linda Young, Michelle’s mother-in-law and Adrienne’s daughter.

Born in 1920, Adrienne grew up in Montreal. When her sister Germaine’s beau Maurice suggested that his best friend Rene Desjardins join them on a blind date, the rest is history. The best friends wed the sisters for a dual win-win outcome.

Adrienne and Rene married on Valentine’s Day, 1942, and soon moved to Springfield, Vermont. French is Adrienne’s first language; she learned English by going to movies and doing crossword puzzles with a dictionary at the ready.

Michelle Young (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Adrienne, seated between her daughter  and son-in-law, is the mother of two, grandmother to five, and Great Nana to seven

In 2004, many years after Rene’s death, Adrienne began to spend half the year with each of her daughters — in Bedford with Linda, and in Albany with Sylvia.

Adrienne loves to knit and play cards and is reputed to be a delightful party guest. She has a hidden talent for origami, folding crisp dollar bills into the shape of short-sleeved shirts.

Congratulations, Adrienne, on a well-lived century.

Courtesy image (c) 2020 all rights reserved

A pair of Adrienne’s origami shirts

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