Easter Eggs, Flamingos, and Turkeys ~ Oh My!

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Tim LaBranch and Linda Whilte (c) 2020 all rights reserved

‘Summer’ by Tim LaBranch and ‘Snowy’ by Linda White


Some days it truly is the simplest of things that give us pleasure, amusement, or a smile.  Decorating an Easter Egg tree gives me all of those things and has been a tradition of mine for more than three decades – and some of my colorful eggs are clearly now a bit faded, fragile, and vintage.

This year, the eggs went on the tree earlier than usual, in mid-March, as a little something to brighten my Covid mood. With so many neighbors out walking to pass the time, l noticed more and more people stopping to snap a photo and say, “Thank you for this spot of color in what seems like a dark time.”

Easter has long passed and the eggs have remained on the tree for the cadre of neighborhood children (and their parents and others) who stop by daily to count the eggs and identify them by color.

One of our favorite daily visitors is an adorable two-year young lady who lives close by and spends as much time as her family will allow with the egg tree. Bird feeders and a birdbath were added and attract a colorful array of wings and birdsong.

One day she mentioned that pink is her favorite color and flamingos are her favorite bird. My husband smiled and said, “I think we can easily enhance her viewing pleasure.” Flamingos were moved into place around the tree and then baby flamingos were added to the flock.

Counting, naming, speculating, and assigning family relationships for the flamingos has become a new activity for visitors.

The large crowd of turkeys that regularly visit this spot is quite honestly an OMG moment some days but also smile-worthy.  We absolutely love that we have had the opportunity to meet so many neighbors, young and older, who stop by, enjoy, and share a moment free of the less smile-worthy things happening in our world at large.

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