Fawn Lake Weekly Update ~ September 11, 2020

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Fawn Lake in October 2018

The Dredgit crew continues to dredge and haul, having just completed 4 full weeks of dredge operations in the lake.  This week they removed 1,012 cubic yards of sediments for a total of 3,698 yards, approximately 46% of the total amount to be cleared.  This material is being sent to the Lexington facility for reuse in their compost operations.  The dredge barge is working in the O – O cross-section (see construction drawings, sheet C-6),  which is almost the middle of the lake.  The dredged material continues to be all organic, with a few small rocks and a couple of coins mixed in at the bottom.

The weed harvester has completed cutting and removal of the aquatic vegetation, for a total of 350 cubic yards.  The loose sprigs of floating material will eventually float down to the dam and be removed.  As noted in the project plan, the southwestern portion of the lake is not being cleared. This will maintain the current habitat for species that exist in this type of resource area.

Dredgit’s subcontractor has set the steel sheet piles at the Springs Road dam. These panels have been pushed down to bedrock and will be cut off below grade to become the new structural dam. We anticipate the flexible ‘portadam’ to be installed late next week and work to continue there through October.

The contractor is aware of school start-up next week and will refrain from trucking during the drop off and pick up times at the Lane School.  Students and families who will be walking and biking to school should use caution passing around the worksite.

The trail across the dam is still closed, but the trails on the northeast side of the lake are now open.  The barge cables are near the trails, but please do not cross, touch, or stand on the cables.

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