Letter to the Editor: Celebrating the First Amendment

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I haven’t been to a political demonstration in a few years. Having been distressed by the news in recent months, I decided to show up and make a statement with other Bedford citizens in support of the idea that Black lives matter.

The vigil took place on the sidewalk in front of the Unitarian Universalist church on Friday night. It was an incredible experience to take part in the BLM demonstration. There were over 20 people present, and the participants seemed mostly in their forties through eighties, and all (as far as I saw) were white.

I was the second person to arrive, and Maureen Richichi gave me a small “Honk for Justice” poster to hold up. It seemed like every third or fourth car honked its horn, and many drivers and passengers gave us a thumbs up. There was a spirit of calm determination and friendship among the demonstrators, and the weather cooperated.

Since I’ve seen so many protests on the TV news, I was worried that things might not go well, but they did. It felt like we belonged in a Norman Rockwell painting celebrating the First Amendment.

I hope people realize that many, many people of all ages and colors support the Black Lives Matter agenda. If you do, too, why not contact the church and find out when the next demonstration will take place, and then join us.

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