Massachusetts Primary Tally ~ September 1, 2020

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With special thanks to Town Clerk Bridget Rodrigue, the staff in the Town Clerk’s office, and the poll workers who conducted a socially distanced and masked election from 6 am to 8 pm and then counted votes until 11 pm on Election Night.

Total Ballots Cast ~ 4,611
Democratic ~ Total Ballots Cast, 3864

Senator In Congress

  • Edward J. Markey, 2611
  • Joseph P. Kennedy, III, 1236

Representative In Congress

  • Seth Moulton, 2772
  • Jamie M. Belsito, 349
  • Angus G. McQuilken, 635


  • Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney, 3062

Senator In General Court

  • Michael J. Barrett, 3283

Representative In General Court

  • Kenneth I. Gordon, 3378

Register Of Probate

  • Tara E. Decristofaro, 3079
Republican ~ Total Ballots Cast, 721

Senator In Congress

  • Shiva Ayyadurai, 228
  • Kevin J. O’Connor, 364

Representative In Congress

  • John Paul Moran, 512
Green Rainbow ~ Total Ballots Cast, 13
Libertarian ~ Total Ballots Cast, 13

Click this link for details of the tally on the Town Clerk’s website


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