Season of Creation: A Time to Celebrate the Natural World and to Re-commit to its Care

Early autumn is surely one of New England’s favorite seasons—the weather is mild and often sunny and the trees are beginning to turn into a panoply of color.  For those of us with a spiritual perspective, it is one of the best times to celebrate God’s Creation!

Over the past few years, Christian communities throughout the world have begun to do this in an intentional way with an emerging tradition called the Season of Creation.  The Season is now embraced by a wide variety of Christian traditions and communities, including The Episcopal Church.

First introduced in 1989 by the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Season of Creation unites the global Christian family around a shared purpose to renew, repair, and restore the relationships that are at the very heart of Christianity—our commitments to God, to one another and to all of Creation.

Although the exact period of observance is fluid and flexible, the Season of Creation generally includes the weeks from September 1 (World Day of Prayer for Creation) to October 4 (the Feast of St. Francis).  The season creates space for congregations from all denominations to celebrate God’s good creation and to re-dedicate themselves to its care and preservation.

The Season of Creation is a Christian tradition, but the invitation and the challenge apply to us all!  We all benefit from what Nature provides and we are all responsible for its care and preservation.

As America slowly moves beyond the immediate crises, we are invited to look to the future and begin to both restore our communities and create a more just, sustainable, and resilient world.  As we struggle to discern how to repair our broken relationships with the natural world and with each other, we are invited into hope-filled action, anchored in our love for one another and our appreciation for and dependence upon our natural world.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Pine Hill Road began its celebration on August 30 with an outdoor worship service in the Memorial Garden.  We will continue to observe the Season in Sunday worship through September 13.  Services are available virtually on YouTube.

In addition, St. Paul’s “Green Team” is inviting the congregation to commit to new acts of love and care in our family life, our parish life, and our public life.  A list of 48 Steps to Living Sustainably can be found on the Sustaining Creation website. For more information check St. Paul’s Facebook page or our website.  We invite you to join us in your own way—to celebrate Nature with your loved ones and to actively seek ways to care for and preserve it.

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