What’s Bedford Thinking: A Snap Poll ~ And the answer is…

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What was the question?

How comfortable would you feel getting a Covid-19 vaccine if it had received an emergency use order before the election but before it has been fully tested?

  1. Very Uncomfortable (77%, 154 Votes)
  2. Somewhat Uncomfortable (10%, 19 Votes)
  3. Very Comfortable (7%, 13 Votes)
  4. Somewhat Comfortable (6%, 13 Votes)

Bedford feels even more uncomfortable than the country as a whole.

Nationally 60% said they would be uncomfortable taking the vaccine before the election if it has not been fully tested.  Trust in the safety of the vaccine is a huge issue for the pharmaceutical industry, so much so, that the chief executives of nine drug companies publicly pledged to “make the safety and well-being of vaccinated individuals the top priority in the development of the first COVID-19 vaccines.”

They also pledged not to seek approval from the FDA until safety and efficacy have been established in their phase 3 trials.

This Week’s Poll

Vote before 5 pm on Wednesday afternoon – the poll is at www.thebedfordcitizen.org

Every presidential poll has an “undecided” choice. What does Bedford think. Do you know who you will be voting for president this November?

  • Yes, I know who I’m voting for
  • No, I’m still undecided

Watch for the results next week!

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