Doodleween – Celebrating with @DoodlesofBedford

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Courtesy Image (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Guests of Honor at Doodleween 2020 ~ Lily Sierra, Pluto, and Maisie


With an election looming and coronavirus surging, everyone can agree the world is an unsettling place just now. Everyone, that is, except local Doodles who manage to have a blast on a daily basis, with Halloween 2020 the perfect time for Doodleween, an Instaparty.

Two of Bedford’s veteran Doodle households bonded over the arrival of new puppies last year and an Instagram account, @doodlesofbedford, was born.

Maisie and Pluto live on opposite sides of The Great Road. Think Ginsberg and Scalia, yin and yang, girl and boy, blackish and whitish. A third  Doodle pal, Lily Sierra, came into the picture in July, brought by Emmy, age 9.

In 2019, Maisie was Wonder Woman and Pluto was her Superman, but in 2020, the time of pandemic? With social distancing and limits on the number of partiers?

On a recent warm evening, three generations of Doodles and their seven masked humans gathered for a costume party.

The theme was royalty. Emmy wrote a royal play and passed out scripts. Lily dressed as a tiny princess, and Pluto was her prince.

Maisie, the matriarch, arrived as Queen Elizabeth on holiday at Balmoral. She flipped her gray wig and eschewed a Union Jack babushka, but her handbag remained attached throughout the evening.

Courtesy image (c) 2020 all rights reserved

In keeping with the royal theme, the hostess human dressed as a fox straight from the grounds of Balmoral.


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