Increasing Access to BHS Sports ~ DCL Lanyards and Bedford TV Video

Fall sports at Bedford High School can now accommodate up to 100 spectators, according to revised guidelines from Gov Charlie Baker. This doubles the original limit announced when games began last week.

And Bedford TV hopes to share videos of more events.

Director of Athletics Keith Mangan emphasized that the priority is for family members of each team, and student spectators should not expect to attend unless they fall in that category. Casual fans shouldn’t plan to be admitted either, he said. “Our goal,” he reminded, “is to keep student-athletes participating.”

Check-ins are required, and spectators must observe social distancing and wear masks at all times, Mangan said. Every fan will be required to also wear a large DCL card suspended from a lanyard.

Katie Duval, executive director of Bedford TV writes that the Town’s local access cable provider seeks interested parents to help videotape sports. Several recordings are available on B-TV’s YouTube page and often events are live-streamed. Checking YouTube at game time, live videos will appear at the left and will be marked “LIVE.”  Also, the 9/30 Field Hockey Game vs. Waltham can be viewed at

Students or parents willing to help videotape BHS sports action are invited to contact Duval by email,