OpEd: Write-in Candidate for State Senate, Peter G. Hill

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Senator Michael Barrett is running unopposed for State Senate here in Massachusetts.  I am asking voters to write in my name, Peter G. Hill, for State Senate.  One asks why I would ask you to do this.

Editor’s Note: Peter G. Hill is a Weston chiropractor

Senator Barrett helped to kill the Shared Parenting bill  “The Child-Centered Family Law bill”, that was worked on for two years by the Working Group appointed by former Governor Deval Patrick. This group of which I was a member of included 19 members.  Some of the members included two Chief Justices of the Probate Court, the Child Advocate for the Commonwealth, the top child psychologists, members of multiple bar associations, and a member representing Domestic Violence groups.  The group came up with a compromise bill that passed the house. With the help of Senator Barrett, this bill was killed in the Senate.

If you believe that I do that kids benefit from both FIT parents in their lives after separation and divorce and that parents DO NOT become visitors just because of it, I ask you to write in my name, Peter G. Hill.  Let Senator Barrett know that parents are an important part of kids’ lives and kids are an important part of their parents’ lives too, both their mom and their dad.

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