A Post-Election ‘Count Every Vote’ Gathering on Bedford Common

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Bob Bass (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Bedford’s post-election ‘Count Every Vote’ gathering on Bedford Common


In the opening remarks for Wednesday afternoon’s post-election Stand Out to Protect the Results gathering, organizer Maureen Richichi welcomed the group and noted that Bedford’s gathering coincided with other Protect the Results rallies across the Commonwealth and the United States.

“We gather together on this Common – our beloved public square – to lend our voices to the demand that all votes be counted,” she said, “before a victor is declared.”

Participants were invited to share their thoughts. Joe Pompei, a member of First Parish, spoke about ‘identity politics’ that develop among groups often seeking to put self-interest above the common good.

Bedford resident Rich Daugherty pledged to take some responsibility within his own family to heal the rifts between his views and those held by relatives with very different perspectives. “I don’t want to feel badly about my family anymore,”  claimed Daugherty. He added that he wants to have a relationship with them that goes beyond hateful politics, “I’ve got to find a way to see things differently, to make peace with my people.”

Richichi ended the gathering by saying, “Our democracy – as imperfect as it is – was founded on the principle By the People, For the People.’  We stand here today demanding that this be protected.”

The group then moved to the front of the Common to stand along The Great Road where their signs elicited much honking by rush hour traffic.

Bob Bass (c) 2020 all rights reserved

Along The Great Road after the formal program ended


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